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FDA-listed hearing aids designed by our team of doctors and audiologists. Working with our parent company to manufacture the devices allows us to offer medical-grade hearing aids for a fraction of the cost.

Best Value Hearing

Our customers save an average of 85% when compared to the price of retail hearing aids. We are here to prove that effective, durable and reliable hearing aids don't have to be expensive.

Proven Quality

Our large variety of hearing aids are created and tested to serve every dimension of hearing loss.

Discover solutions for mild, moderate, severe, profound and custom need hearing loss.

Free Unlimited Support

Our team of hearing aid specialists are available to help you find the perfect hearing aid for your needs and support you anytime after your purchase. No more interferences with every day product support.

hearing can be simple again

Assess your hearing online or speak to one of our Hearing Health Specialists to identify your level of hearing loss now - no appointments or middlemen needed.

Free hearing loss resources

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1. Find the right hearing aid for your level of hearing loss

2. Order it and try it at home for 45 days

3. If you're not in love with your hearing aid send it back and we'll refund your order.

customers say

Josephine Fischer

"The best way to describe your product is it gave me back a quality of life at a very affordable price. I no longer feel isolated in the company of others."