What To Expect Two Weeks After Buying Hearing Aids | Hearing Help Express

Posted by Hearing Help Express on Jun 28th 2019

Setting realistic expectations

You’ve finally made the decision to address your hearing loss, researched your options, and decided on a hearing aid. (Hopefully, you got it from Hearing Help Express!) If you’re like most people, you probably took them out of the box, popped the batteries in, and tried them. If you were not amazed in that first minute or two, you’re not alone.

That doesn’t mean you got the wrong devices, or that they don’t work. There are many factors that affect the operation of digital hearing aids, and if you’re not aware of them, you might start out a little disappointed.

This brief guide will help to set expectations and get you from “mildly impressed” to “very excited” about your upgraded hearing. You’ve done the research on the right model to buy, now it’s time for some tips on how to get the most out of your new hearing aids.

Starting to hear again | allow your brain to adjust

If you’ve ever used glasses, you probably saw an improvement the minute you put them on. The brain is used to the eyes adjusting on the fly, focusing and changing constantly. Sound, however, doesn’t work the same way. The brain requires a little extra time and practice to “remember” certain sounds. This could take a few minutes if you’ve used different hearing aids, or a few days if this is your first experience.

Our Hearing Aid Advisers recommend easing into using hearing aids. First, try them in controlled circumstances, like watching television at home. Use them for a bit, then take them out and give your ears a short break. This is a great time to read through the user guide again and learn more about the adjustments that are available on your device. If you purchased your hearing aid from Hearing Help Express you will be able to find the owner’s guide on the product page. Simply search for the product using the search feature in the top of the page and scroll to the what to expect and how to care section find the link to the guide.

Next, use them for an hour or two at a time in difficult listening situations, like at a noisy restaurant, or church. Again, take a break after a while and rest your ears. You’ll know when your ears and brain are adjusted when you no longer remember that you are using a hearing aid. If the sound and feeling haven’t become more natural, consider trying a different setting, or different eartips.

Note: this would be a great opportunity to get in touch with us at or call us at 800-467-4515!

Proper cleaning and maintenance

All hearing aids can accumulate moisture and dirt. Naturally, moisture and dirt are not good for the normal operation of a hearing aid. Earwax (also known as cerumen) can clog the pathway for sound and trap moisture near delicate electronics. When you are comfortable using your new hearing aids regularly, we strongly recommend that you begin to develop good cleaning habits.

First of all, most people take their hearing aids out at night. This is a perfect time to use a dryer. There are a few different types of dryers, but if you’re planning to dry hearing aids overnight, any of them work just fine. (We suggest looking for a dryer that can be recharged.) Drying hearing aids overnight is a great first step in daily maintenance.

Next, wait until morning to clean your hearing aids. Once dried, earwax becomes flaky and easier to remove. When you first remove your hearing aid at night, cleaning it might actually move earwax and dirt further into tubing or eartips.

And finally, consider professional cleaning - not as a substitute, but as a backup to your daily cleaning regimen. Hearing Help Express offers full-service cleaning plans for every type of hearing aid we sell. With it, you can return your hearing aids to us four times a year for a professional cleaning. We don’t send them out somewhere else; our labs are internal. You have the option to purchase a plan with your hearing aid or up to 90 days after purchase. If you miss the opportunity to buy a plan, you can still send them to us for repairs. Get in contact with us before sending for a quote.

When we get them, we’ll check them for wear and tear, replace worn eartips or tubing, and thoroughly clean every nook and cranny. This can add an extra year or two to the life of your hearing aids.

Communicate with our Hearing Health Specialists

Our goal is to make sure we are helping you with your hearing. It’s part of our company name. Don’t allow misinformation or a lack of information to ruin your hearing experience. Whether you’re looking for information on hearing loss, you’ve recently purchased a hearing aid, or you’re checking on the status of your cleaning, we are here for you.

There is no fee or charge to call and consult with our Hearing Health Advisers. We have 40 years of experience in the industry to draw from, and there’s not an issue we haven’t solved by now. Give us a call at 800-467-4515 or click the chat button on our website to get recommendations or answers to any questions you may have.


Lots of people avoid doing something about their hearing for a number of reasons. We are saddened every time we hear about someone giving up on hearing aids, because nearly every time, there is a way to fix a problem. With reasonable expectations at the very beginning, you can ease into improved hearing and have better success down the road. Learn more about the amazing experience’s our customer's report.

Hearing aids are pretty resilient, but they require some care and maintenance to work their best. Moisture and dirt can diminish the sound quality and shorten the life of your hearing aids. If you create and follow a good routine, we can supplement it, and very likely add years to the life of your hearing aids.

And finally, we’re here to help. Calling, emailing, or chatting with us is unlimited and free. There’s never an obligation to buy. We genuinely want to help you improve your hearing whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been using hearing aids for years. So, no matter where you are in the process, give us a call at 800-467-4515 for a free consultation or advice.