Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, hearing aids by mail, online, or via call center are legal, but only if they’re listed with the FDA. All Hearing Help Express hearing aids are listed with the FDA.
  • The FDA regulates the hearing aid industry, and Hearing Help Express’s business model exists because of the regulatory actions the FDA has taken to promote the availability and accessibility of hearing aid devices to consumers. 
  • Historically, the FDA required a waiver to be signed by the consumer before he/she could purchase a hearing aid from a direct mail or online hearing aid company. In addition, Licensed Hearing Aid Dispensers are required to be on staff.
  • In December of 2016, the FDA dropped the waiver requirement allowing adults (over 18 years old) to access hearing aids without being seen by a hearing care professional. The FDA is now working on the final wording of the legislation. 

Yes! We only sell 100% FDA-listed, high-quality, digital hearing aids. Click here for more information. 

NOTE: The information presented on this website and in literature created by Hearing Help Express is not intended to be medical advice and should not be relied upon as such. Federal law allows anyone 18 years old and older to obtain a hearing aid without consulting a medical doctor, by signing a standard “medical waiver” designed by the FDA. With recent legislation, the waiver requirement is no longer required by the FDA.

In fact, we sell the same hearing aids through the mail that we sell directly to audiologists. You can pay them for their time (insurance, rent, payroll, etc.) or you can order the same devices directly from us. That’s been our business model for nearly 40 years.

You can’t beat our value, but they are not free. We do offer a free, 45-day trial, which means you get more than a month to test any of our hearing aids to make sure they’re the right fit for you.

We call it a “zero-risk” trial, because if you do send them back within 45 days, we don’t charge you a thing. On the other hand, we’re pretty confident that if you follow our recommendations, you’ll be satisfied with your new hearing aids. 

Hearing Help Express is owned by IntriCon, a Class III medical device company that designs, develops, and manufactures hearing aids. Cutting out the middleman allows us to keep quality high and prices low, saving you as much as 85% compared to your local hearing aid store. Click here for more information on our low prices.

It comes down to offering high-quality products at very low prices, and supporting every customer along the way. The equation our company likes to use is (Quality + Service) ÷ Cost = Value. Our goal is to continue to be THE BEST value in hearing health. Click here for more about how we do it. 

We have a simple, 3-step method for fitting customers with hearing aids. You can read the details here. In short, we ask you a few questions about your hearing, make suggestions based on your answers, then mail you the devices you selected. We’ll follow up with you to make sure you’re comfortable with your new hearing aids and are getting the most out of them.

Our licensed hearing aid specialists have over 120 years of combined experience and have helped over 750,000 customers with their hearing health. You will find that they are extremely knowledgeable, caring, patient, and best of all… they’re just a phone call away. And their help is completely free! Click here to read more about our world-class support. 

Our headquarters is located in Northern Illinois – the heart of the Midwest. Call (800) 467-4515 between 8 AM and 5 PM, Central time.

Most of the time, insurance policies and Medicare do not cover the cost of hearing aids, nor do they reimburse for them. Most Americans pay out of pocket for hearing aids.

If your insurance policy does cover hearing aids, we can work with you. Contact your insurance company first and make sure that they would accept an out-of-network claim. Then, we can provide the appropriate paperwork that your insurance company may require to reimburse you for the purchase. Click here for more information on insurance claims. 

Definitely. Modern hearing aids no longer simply amplify everything – they understand sounds and adjust to them. And while our competitors typically use cheap analog hearing aids, we only sell 100% digital hearing aids manufactured with USA-made technology. Click here for more information. 

ITE = in-the-ear. This means that the entire device fits in your ear – no tubes or external parts. 

BTE = behind-the-ear. This means that the electronic part sits behind your ear, with a clear tube extended over the top, and into the ear canal. 

There’s yet another type of hearing aid called “receiver in canal” (RIC) but it’s still a BTE device. In a RIC, the tubing also contains a wire which powers the receiver in the tip.  

For detailed descriptions of each of our hearing aids, click the following links: 

Behind-the-ear hearing aids: Apollo Series, Felix Series, Ranger Series
In-the-ear hearing aids: Diplomat Series, EarMate Series

100% real, and on file at our headquarters. We ask all of our customers to provide feedback to make sure we’re best meeting their needs. It’s no coincidence that we have thousands on file, with approval to publish them. We look forward to hearing your feedback, too!

You can return a hearing aid in original condition within your 45-day home trial period for a full refund of your purchase price. Batteries and accessories can also be returned in original condition within 30 days. 

To return products:

1. Call 1-800-221-2099 for a return authorization number (RMA). We’d appreciate an opportunity to either fix an issue or suggest a different product. 

2. Pack your hearing aid securely in a sturdy box along with a note that clearly states: your name, complete address, what you are returning (so we know what should be in the box), your RMA, and the reason for returning it.

3. Send returns to:
Hearing Help Express, Return Department
1714 Sycamore Road, PO Box 586
DeKalb, IL 60115-0586

NOTE: DO NOT MAIL HEARING AIDS IN AN ENVELOPE! You are responsible for the safe return of items you are returning. For your protection, we recommend shipment with some type of insured mail.

We offer a few options:

Free shipping (5-10 business days)
Priority (2-5 business days)
Express (1-3 business days)

We do not currently offer international shipping.

We offer some payment flexibility:

  • Pay for your hearing aid(s) in full. 
  • Pay 1/4 of the total cost for the hearing aid(s) up front, then pay the rest in 3 monthly installments. (For example, a $499 hearing aid would be $124.75 a month for four months.)
  • You can also call us to arrange special payment terms. 

NOTE: items other than hearing aids (batteries, cleaning kits, etc.) are paid in full when ordered. 

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