Hearing Aid Industry Analysis

Recently, more than 2,000 Hearing Help Express customers participated in the largest scientific study in the history of the hearing aid industry. Dr. Sergei Kochkin surveyed the entire industry, including HHE – the oldest and largest provider of hearing aids by mail. The idea was to measure customer satisfaction. This showed how much people felt they benefited from using hearing aids. It also measured the quality of life associated with traditional hearing aid use versus direct-mail hearing aid use.

Dr. Kochkin’s findings showed that direct-mail customers felt like they got similar hearing benefits to people who had visited a local professional. For Hearing Help Express customers, saving 80% on the cost made them feel like the value was far better, too.

You can read the entire article here.

Turns out you CAN get some satisfaction!

The results surprised hearing aid industry professionals. Meanwhile, Hearing Help Express has been serving the direct-to-consumer market all along – since 1979! Our winning equation has always been low cost plus high quality, and free support from our expert Hearing Aid Advisors.

However you evaluate Dr. Kochkin’s results, Hearing Help Express gives our customers better hearing aid value for their money.

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