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Hearing Help, Extra Mayo

From where I sit in our office, I can hear some of our superb Customer Service Representatives working with our customers over the phone. It struck me as more than a little humorous that many of the talking points they use most are the foundation for this article published by the Mayo Clinic.

The article reminds me that our CSRs are up to date and on the money with their advice, but it glossed over an important point: If your hearing is compromised, we recommend visiting your doctor (or an audiologist) for a hearing exam. They’re obviously as qualified as anyone to test your hearing – but you are not obligated to buy equipment from themAnd that’s why our company has been around since 1979.

We sell our hearing aids to audiologists, too. The same devices are available directly from us (the manufacturer) to customers at a fraction of the price that an audiologist would charge. If you have hearing exam results, we can use that information to align you with the correct hearing solution for your level of hearing loss. If you don’t, we can guide you through the process over the phone.

The bottom line is that people expect that hearing aids will cost many thousands of dollars, but you can get the same, high-quality devices directly from us without leaving your chair. Oh yeah – at a fraction of the price.

As John (Customer Service Rep) sometimes says, “we can help you hear, but we can’t make you listen!”

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