Hearing Help Express Gives Back

Help is not just part of our name.

At Hearing Help Express, we are dedicated to improving hearing health for anyone suffering from hearing loss. Our mission is to improve the health and lifestyle of those who may not have the means to get the help they deserve. We strive to change people's lives for the better.


We encourage employee volunteerism. Sharing time with local organizations strengthens our community.

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Social Responsibility

The future of better hearing relies on people, including those who make and test our products, our employees and customers. We want to ensure a positive impact for those we depend on and those who depend on us in return.

“…a young boy with atresia (no ear) on one side and microtia (underdeveloped external ear) on the left. We were able to manipulate a [Hearing Help Express] hearing aid on the left ear. This young man who had never heard, lit up like a Christmas tree when we turned it on.”  – Paula Schwartz, Au.D

Donation Requests (for organizations only, please)

For all donation requests, please contact:  [email protected] 
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