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Overnight Success – 10 Years In The Making

Minnesotans are proud of “overnight success,” IntriCon (ticker symbol IIN), and for good reason: the company continues to grow. IntriCon has been manufacturing small, body-worn medical devices for the past decade, including hearing aids. While still a contract manufacturer, IntriCon now owns Hearing Help Express, a mail order hearing aid company. IntriCon CEO, Mark Gorder, talks about disruption in the hearing aid industry, and IntriCon leading the charge in this StarTribune article.

Hearing Help Express started in 1979 and has been selling hearing aids by mail ever since. More recently, a federal law was passed which will make it much easier for companies like Hearing Help Express (IntriCon) to help people with hearing loss. And, while the final wording for the new law is still being worked out, it’s pretty easy to see what investors think of the timing of the acquisition. IntriCon stock rose from $6/share in 2016 to a high of $72/share this past year.

With the capability of IntriCon and the world-class customer service of Hearing Help Express, this unified company is poised to make a serious dent in hearing loss across the country.

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