Apollo-6200 (Hawk) Digital Hearing Aid

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A discreet, behind-the-ear hearing aid designed for mild to moderate hearing loss.

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The Hawk is a discreet, behind-the-ear, digital hearing aid designed for those with a mild to moderate hearing loss. This device is engineered with American-made electronics for improved hearing.

Feedback Canceling – helps reduce embarrassing squeal

Directional Microphones – improves your ability to focus on the sounds you want to hear especially in noisy situations

Noise Reduction – reduces unwanted noise, such as wind

Noise Compression – increases the amplification of softer sounds and reduces amplification of sudden loud bursts

• Uses size 10 battery

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  • Power level: 2 (mild hearing loss)
  • HFA full-on gain: 25 dB

3 reviews for Apollo-6200 (Hawk) Digital Hearing Aid

  1. M.O.

    I can now hear sounds that were lost before; birds, the sound of water running over rocks, etc. I don’t have to turn up the TV or radio. I most enjoy hearing my great grandkids whispering secrets to me.

  2. Edna Elliott

    I can hear so much better and people don’t have to repeat themselves. The hearing aid is wonderful and I surely appreciate it so much.

  3. J.S.

    I can hear much better and can be a part of the conversation. When in Bible class I don’t have to keep asking, “What did he say?”

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