Apollo-6310 (Puma) Digital Hearing Aid

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The Apollo-6310 is a behind-the-ear, 100% digital hearing aid made for mild to moderate hearing loss.

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The Apollo-6310 is a 100% digital hearing aid packed with our most advanced American-made technology. This super discreet hearing aid is made especially for mild to moderate hearing loss.

  • Advanced Feedback Cancellation – virtually eliminates embarrassing squeal
  • Directional Microphones – automatically improves your ability to focus on the sounds you want to hear (especially in a noisy listening environment)
  • Advanced Noise Reduction – technology that reduces unwanted noise, such as wind
  • Wide Dynamic Range Compression – digital technology that increases softer sounds, such as birds chirping, and reduces sudden loud bursts, such as clinking dishes
  • Uses size 312 battery

BONUS: The Apollo-6310 has a special setting for easier listening while talking on the telephone!

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  • Power level: 3 (mild to moderate hearing loss)
  • HFA full-on gain: 37.5 dB

2 reviews for Apollo-6310 (Puma) Digital Hearing Aid

  1. T.D.

    Lightweight and more clarity. This new technology is awesome. I actually carried on a real conversation with some friends at church. Clarity of words is fantastic.

  2. B.R.

    I love it! Really a blessing to me and my family. My hearing is just about as good as it was at a young age. No need to turn up the TV volume.

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