Felix-8700 (Pro-Fit) Digital Hearing Aid


The Felix-8700 Pro-Fit is a custom, behind-the-ear, digital hearing aid programmed specifically for you.

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Introducing the all-new, personalized hearing experience – Felix-8700 Pro-Fit digital hearing aid.

To get started with the best hearing technology for the money, take your personal hearing test right now! Call 1-800-467-4515 to speak with one of our licensed hearing aid dispensers or click here to take a brief questionnaire to determine your level of hearing loss.

Once you’ve determined your best hearing experience, the Felix-8700 offers 100% digital, American-made technology and more:

  • Open-ear design gives you a clear, natural sound
  • 8-channel, wide-dynamic-range compression
  • Feedback cancellation
  • Layered noise reduction
  • Volume position autosave
  • Moisture protection barrier
  • Voice prompts
  • Uses size 312 battery

Click here to view or download the user manual.


  • Power level: 1-5 (depends on your hearing loss)
  • HFA full-on gain: varies


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