Ranger-7600 (Energy) Digital Hearing Aid

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Behind the ear, 100% digital hearing aid for moderate to severe hearing loss.

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The larger size of the Ranger-7600 “Energy” makes this digital hearing aid very easy to handle. You get four different listening settings and a fingertip volume control, giving you more power for a great low price. Digital programming of American-made electronics ensure that the common problem of embarrassing squeal is virtually eliminated. The two-channel processor gives you crisp, clear sound allowing you to communicate confidently. You also get an added telephone setting to help you hear better while talking on the telephone.

Uses size 13 battery.

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  • Power level: 6 (moderate to severe hearing loss)
  • HFA full-on gain: 59.6 dB

3 reviews for Ranger-7600 (Energy) Digital Hearing Aid

  1. J.J.

    Sound quality is very good. My wife is enjoying not having to repeat herself. Conversations are more enjoyable. Sounds I most enjoy hearing again are the wind, leaves and nature sounds.

  2. M.D.

    I can turn it high enough for my needs. Also the little button allows me to cut out the background noise. I notice a difference and family doesn’t have to repeat nearly as much.

  3. J.C.

    Easy to handle and it works well. I can talk on the phone again and hear the birds singing.

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