BTE Eartips Standard Tubing


<p>Replacement tips for our standard tubing, Ranger series hearing aids, sold in packs of 3.</p> <p><strong>Note</strong>: The most common size for men is&nbsp;<span>M</span>, for women is&nbsp;<span>MS</span>.</p> <p>The following options are available:</p> <p><strong>Size</strong>:&nbsp;&nbsp;<span>XXS</span>,&nbsp;<span>XS</span>,&nbsp;<span>S</span>,&nbsp;<span>MS</span>,&nbsp;<span>M</span>,&nbsp;<span>M</span><span>L</span>, or&nbsp;<span>L</span></p> <p>If you need help deciding on the correct ear tip for your hearing aid, please give us a call at&nbsp;800-467-4515.</p>