Ear Care Travel Kit


Protect your hearing health away from home with the Ear Care Travel Kit. This kit includes:

  • 2 MiraCell ProEar packets - help relieve itchy, irritated ears. Using mild antibacterial, anti-yeast, and anti-fungal properties, MiraCell is a safe, all-natural solution. Use it without worry to maintain healthy, itch-free ears.
  • 4 pairs of Mack's roll-up wallet earplugs - These comfortable, silky smooth, soft foam earplugs store flat in your wallet so they’re always handy and roll up in seconds for quick, easy use. Great for concerts, sporting events, nightclubs, shooting sports, or work sites. Noise reduction rating – 21 dB. Never forget your earplugs again with Mack's roll-up wallet earplugs!

All items come in a resealable, clear plastic travel bag. That's a lot of relief in a very small package!