Premium Digital Hearing Aid | Felix 8720

Ideal for:
Mild to moderate hearing loss

A Completely Personalized Hearing Experience

The Felix 8720 represents the best technology Hearing Help Express has to offer. Even better, it is completely tailored to your specific hearing and comfort needs to make it a one-of-a-kind experience. Imagine getting back the hearing you remember - the hearing you deserve - the Felix 8720 can get you there. Covering any hearing loss from mild to moderate, our Licensed Hearing Aid Specialists will either use your current audiogram or administer a phone consultation to determine the perfect programming. You get volume control, but once you find the sweet spot, you'll probably only rarely need to adjust it. The premium technology on the Felix 8720 includes feedback canceling which will help reduce squeal, noise reduction technology which reduces unwanted noise and noise compression that increases the amplification of softer sounds and reduces amplification of sudden loud bursts.

To take your hearing to a new level, the Felix 8720 can be paired with an optional companion microphone. Place the microphone near a friend while out for dinner in a crowded restaurant, and the microphone will help to pick up more of the signal you want without all the noise. This can help you to get back into conversations, or watch television at a volume that doesn't chase others out of the room. Use our new iOS app to control the connection and sound levels as an added bonus and an extra level of control. 

This hearing aid was designed by a team of doctors and tested by customers, just like you, looking for a premium hearing experience without spending many thousands of dollars. People will only notice you're wearing them if they are looking for them, and they might look when you respond to them the first time! Our customer feedback has consistently indicated that their quality of life has improved dramatically when they've finally addressed their hearing loss. Our company's mission is to make medical-grade technology available without the medical-grade markups or office visits. Try it at home for 45 days and allow our team of Hearing Health Specialists to walk you through the seamless process of improving the quality of your hearing and life.


  • Premium technology, customized to your exact specifications and hearing needs
  • Available companion microphone connects wirelessly to the hearing aids to allow you to better hear someone across the table, or your television from across the room
  • Feedback Canceling – helps reduce embarrassing squeal
  • Noise Reduction – reduces unwanted noise, such as wind
  • Noise Compression – increases the amplification of softer sounds and reduces amplification of sudden loud bursts
  • Uses size 312 battery 



  • Go back to a time before hearing loss and hear the sounds you've been missing again
  • Includes the top-quality, USA-made hearing technology we sell directly to audiologists
  • This durable device stands up to everyday wear and tear
  • Slim tubing and nearly-invisible ear tips are almost unnoticeable when worn


  • Step 1: Hearing Assessment

    Hearing Help Express offers a variety of hearing assessments that allow our Hearing Health Specialist to recommend the best product for your individual needs. Take action now: Take our online hearing test. Submit your audiogram. Request a consultation or speak to a hearing specialist.

    Step 2: Try it For Yourself

    Order the hearing aid that is right for you and try it at home for 45 days. If you are unhappy with your digital hearing aid we will help you find a different option or refund you 100% of your order.

    Step 3: Unlimited Support

    Our Hearing Health Specialists are just one call away, ready to help you at any point through your journey. Hearing Health Express is excited to offer clients many options that allow them to get the support that they need at the speed of one call or email. We work on resolving most problems in the same amount of time that you would schedule a consultation, you can get back up and listening without skipping a beat.

  • The Felix 8720 was designed for someone that is looking for a completely custom experience, with nearly any level of hearing loss. To identify your level of hearing loss you can take your online hearing loss test or you can speak to one of our hearing health specialists who are licensed by the state of Illinois as Licensed Dispensers. You can also consider getting an audiogram done by audiologists or if you have an audiogram you can submit. Since the Felix 8720 is fully customized, our Licensed Dispensers will use the information from the assessment or audiogram to adjust the program and technology to your exact specifications. If you've ever priced hearing aids, you'll know that custom models are costly, but every one of our hearing aids are FDA-listed and under $1000 each. 

    Level of hearing loss: 

    Mild hearing loss

    You experience difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments, especially consonant sounds like "s" "h" "f" "th". You may realize that you no longer are able to listen to sounds like the water dripping or the clock ticking. The degree of hearing loss in decibels is approximately 26 to 40 db. Explore mild hearing loss models. 

    Moderate hearing loss

    If you are experiencing a moderate level of hearing loss you cannot hear faint speech and have a difficult time engaging and maintaining a conversation even in a quiet setting. You have a difficult time following a conversation without a hearing aid and may realize that you are no longer able to hear sounds like the vacuum cleaner.  The degree of hearing loss in decibels is approximately 41 to 55 db. Shop moderate hearing loss models. 

    Severe hearing loss

    If your hearing loss is severe you may be challenged with not being able to hear nor understand what people are saying without the use of a hearing aid or amplification. If you are experiencing this level of hearing loss you may depend on reading lips to understand conversation and may realize that you are no longer able to hear the cry of a baby or similar sounds. With a severe degree of hearing loss you cannot hear sounds lower than 70-94 db. Discover the severe hearing loss collection. 

    Profound hearing loss

    A profound level of hearing loss results in the inability to hear loud speech or extremely loud sounds. Individuals that experience a profound degree of hearing loss may rely on sign language or lip reading to communicate and may realize that they are unable to hear loud sounds like the sound of an airplane. Profound hearing loss results in not being able to hear sounds lower than 95 db. View profound hearing loss hearing aids. 

  •  8720 whats in the box

    • - 1 pack of 312 digital hearing aid batteries
    • - An extra hearing aid tube
    • - S, M & L double domes
    • - S & M open dome
    • - 1 tube cleaner
    • - 1 combo brush with magnet


    Each Felix 8720 Digital Hearing Aid comes with the set of tools needed for you to begin listening clearly and consistently again. Along with this Fully Custom Premium Digital Hearing Aid you will find one pack of size 312 hearing aid batteries. Our Eco-Gold batteries are zinc-air, mercury-free, button-disposable batteries and come with a factory-sealed sticker which helps preserve them for up to three years when maintained in a room temperature dry environment. Along with the hearing aid batteries you will find complementary tubing that best fits your new hearing aid and an additional digital hearing aid tubing option to help you adjust your hearing aid. Tubing should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the hearing aid is able to function properly. The additional tube gives you flexibility to swap out tubing in between cleanings or to test to see if an issue occurred is related to the tubing. You will also find a set of domes both open and double dome empowering you to pair your digital hearing aid with the hearing aid accessories that are most suited for you. To help you maintain and prolong the life of your new digital hearing aid your package includes a brush to clean the microphone port, the battery compartment, the ear tip and other crevices. The brush also features a magnet that can be helpful with changing the hearing aid batteries. The Felix 8720 digital hearing aid also comes with a tube cleaner that works to remove any wax or moisture that may build through normal wear

    For more accessories like service plans, cleaners and additional batteries visit our hearing aid accessories category.


    Quality You Can Trust & Try

    As a Hearing Help Express customer we will offer you a 45-Day Risk-Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee. We encourage you to try our Fully Custom Premium Digital Hearing Aid Felix 8720 for 45- days risk-free. If you aren't completely 100% satisfied with the Felix 8720, we ask you to simply return all of the items in original condition for a complete refund of your purchase price (less shipping & handling). 

     Manufacturer's Warranty

    All Hearing Help Express are warrantied for one year against any manufacturer's defects in materials or workmanship. You can also consider purchasing our service plans to further protect and guarantee your hearing aid. 

    Stay connected to us on social media or follow our blog to discover ways to protect, maintain and preserve the life of your hearing aid. 


    Upon receiving your digital hearing aid expect to hear from us. We are dedicated to help you maximize the use of the Felix 8720 and transition into wearing a new digital hearing aid whether it is your first time or if you've worn a variety of hearing aids. If this is your first time wearing a hearing aid check out our beginner's guide to wearing a digital aid for tips, tricks and helpful information to help get you listening again. After you have completely adjusted to the Felix 8720 we will remain in contact with you either via email or personal call to ensure the device is working as intended for you. If you run into any issues we are available to help you through the problems and present fast solution to your hearing concerns. 

    How to Care

    Hearing aids are medical devices that need maintenance and should be handled with care. To maintain your hearing aid we suggest keeping hearing aids in a dry, room controlled environment. It is also necessary to change batteries often, schedule routine cleanings and remove earwax as needed.

    If you've purchased the Felix 8720 and would like to learn more about the product features and how to set up this hearing aid,view the owners manual here.