Ranger™ Series

The Ranger Series features high-powered hearing aids to address moderate to profound hearing loss. Affordably priced, these devices feature 100% digital, American-made technology. If you need a stronger hearing aid, look no further than the Ranger Series.


power level

feedback cancellation

noise reduction

directional microphones

telephone setting

100% digital

American-made technology

volume control type

battery size




$499 each



$699 each



$899 each



$999 each

Ranger-7600 digital hearing aids

Ranger-7600 "Energy"

The Ranger-7600 can bring the power. If your hearing loss is past mild or moderate, this 100% digital hearing aid can help. With American-made technology, the power for the price can't be beat. Click below to learn more about this device.

Ranger-7610 digital hearing aids

Ranger-7610 "Force"

The Ranger-7610 steps it up a notch and adds a rocker volume control. This 100% digital hearing aid also features American-made technology to address moderate to severe hearing loss. Click below to learn more about this device.

Ranger-7800 digital hearing aids

Ranger-7800 "Strong"

The Ranger-7800 is a digital hearing aid meant to address severe to profound hearing loss. With American-made technology, this device still offers directional microphones with lots of power. Click below to learn more about this device.

Ranger-7910 digital hearing aids

Ranger-7910 "Intense"

The Ranger-7910 is our most powerful digital hearing aid. If you are not 100% certain that you need this device, please contact us before ordering. Our licensed Hearing Aid Dispensers can do a free assessment. Click below to learn more about this device.

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