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"Where relationships begin with value and service and thrive on quality and trust."

Since our establishment in 1979 we have been able to provide quality hearing aids by mail, online, and phone to over 750,000 customers. We have pioneered the business model by selling directly to our consumers by mail.

innovative method

Hearing Help Express is transforming the way that consumers purchase hearing aids; selling direct to the consumer and providing lifetime hearing health support that is accessible, convenient and effective. Hearing aids designed by audiologists render the most sophisticated and natural listening experience, every day, every time.

community impact

Help is not just part of our name. At Hearing Help Express, we are dedicated to improving hearing health for anyone suffering from hearing loss. Our mission is to improve the health and lifestyle of those who may not have the means to get the help they deserve. We strive to change people's lives for the better.

who we're partnered with

The future of better hearing relies on people, including those who make and test our products, our employees and customers. We want to ensure a positive impact for those we depend on and those who depend on us in return. We've partnered with a number of organizations to donate hearing aids and provide resources to those in need globally.

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hearing health specialists

Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser | Chief Dispenser

Chief Dispenser - Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

Kevin Leonard
Hearing Aid Adviser | Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

Ed Posega
Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser | Hearing Health Specialist

Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

Joe O'Brien
Digital Hearing Aid Help | Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

Pam Kuhn
Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser | Hearing Health Advisor

Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

Ed Nelson

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