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OTC hearing aids
FDA listed | Medical grade| American designed technology

for mild to moderate hearing loss

45-day trial

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Effective high-quality OTC hearing aids - no app or smartphone required.

EarMate®-4330 | OTC Hearing Aid

FDA Listed | Medical Grade
American designed technology

Small in-the-ear design with
micro-handle for easy inserting or removing

Adjustable volume control

Multiple listening settings

Feedback management and
noise reduction technology
deliver crisp, clear sound

Apollo®-6205 | OTC Hearing Aid

FDA Listed | Medical Grade
American designed technology

Slips discreetly behind the ear
for all day comfort

10 volume levels

Multiple listening settings

Directional microphone, feedback management, noise reduction technologies packed into an easy-to-maintain hearing aid

Ranger®-6205 | OTC Hearing Aid

FDA Listed | Medical Grade
American designed technology

Behind-the-ear hearing aid with earhook and larger tubing allows for more amplification

10 volume levels
and multiple listening settings

Includes a directional microphone, feedback management, and noise reduction technologies to improve your hearing in a wide range of listening situations encountered in everyday life

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advanced technology

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Our OTC hearing aids have been designed for those with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss. Each has its own unique features. Choose the model you feel will fit your lifestyle best and try it risk-free!

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Trusted by 750,000+ satisfied customers since 1979

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