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The EarMate-4220 is a 100% digital hearing aid, packed with American-made technology. With only $99.75 down, this compact device can help you hear the sounds you've been missing!
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Why Trust Hearing Help Express?

We offer experience, quality, and industry-leading hearing aid value.
BBB accredited

39 Years of Experience

A pioneer in direct-to-you hearing aids since 1979, our Licensed Dispensers and Hearing Advisors have helped over 750,000 customers improve their hearing. Our friendly and patient staff are here to help you find the right hearing solution for your needs. No competitor comes close. Call us today, for free, to discuss your specific hearing questions or concerns.

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American Pride

Based in the heart of the Midwest, we are proud to offer products and services designed, built, and fulfilled in the USA. Our parent company, IntriCon, a Class III medical device company, manufactures all of our hearing aid computer chips (and other components) at their headquarters in Minneapolis, MN.

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100% Digital Hearing Aids

Phones and televisions have come a long way in a short time - hearing aids are no different. Our digital hearing aids are not analog sound amplifiers, but rather state-of-the-art digital devices.

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Best Value

When you buy from Hearing Help Express, you are buying directly from the manufacturer, which means huge savings for you. For example, if a manufacturer sells a hearing aid for $500 to an audiologist, that device will then be marked up to at least $1,000 to the end consumer. The audiologist will often add about 5 hours of labor to the price to cover future return visits over the next few years. This leads to a price of $2,000 for 1 hearing aid or $3,000 for a pair. With Hearing Help Express, you save as much as 80% on digital hearing aids. Phone, email, and web chat support with our Licensed Hearing Professionals is always free!

FDA registered

Designed by Doctors

Our devices are FDA-approved, safe, and effective. Our hearing aids are designed by IntriCon, our parent company in Minneapolis with design inputs from their own on-staff doctor and audiologists. In addition, IntriCon receives frequent design input from its customers whom are doctors and audiologists dispensing IntriCon's digital hearing aids under several different brand names.

satisfaction guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want to be your hearing health resource for life. That means getting you the correct hearing aid, then standing behind it with world-class support and a money-back guarantee.

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Try Before You Buy

We'll include everything you need to start using your hearing aids right away. The first 21 days are the most important as your brain is adjusting to hearing new sounds again; so, at Hearing Help Express, you get a full 45 days to try our hearing aids in the comfort of your own home while experiencing real-world listening situations (going to work, restaurants, shopping, movies, coffee shops, etc).


Huge Selection

We offer a large selection of hearing aids so we are able to help a wide range of hearing loss. For those with mild to moderate hearing loss we offer custom fit and ready-to-wear, in-the-ear (ITE) digital hearing aids. Our selection of low to high powered behind-the-ear (BTE) digital hearing aids will help those with a moderate - profound hearing loss. If you're looking for a personalized solution, our Felix model can be programmed based on your audiogram or by completing our industry standard hearing questionnaire (available online or over the phone).

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Meet a Few Of Our Dispensers

Our most senior hearing advisors are licensed and ready to help you improve your hearing.


Licensed Dispenser

Ed has been helping customers at Hearing Help Express for over 15 years. Since he became a Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser in 2013, he uses his knowledge and training to choose the best products for customers, always striving to exceed their previous hearing experience.



Licensed Dispenser

Joe has been helping customers at Hearing Help Express for almost 20 years. As a Customer Service Supervisor, he became a Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser in 2000. Joe considers the big picture, taking into account all aspects of a customer's hearing experience - hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget.



Licensed Dispenser

Kevin is a seasoned professional with over 24 years of experience. As Customer Service Manager and Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser, Kevin has trained most of the other dispensers and staff. Kevin attended Northern Illinois University where he majored in music and discovered his passion for sound.



Licensed Dispenser

Pam is a Customer Service Supervisor and has worked at Hearing Help Express for over 15 years. Kind and patient with customers, Pam is skilled at finding the right hearing aid for any hearing loss. Pam has been a Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser since 2007.