Choosing Hearing Aids


Is hearing loss common?

Hearing loss is very common. According to a recent article, AARP’s Jo Ann Jenkins points out that 48 million Americans have hearing loss. 1 in 3 people older than age 60 have some hearing loss, and 1 in 2 over the age of 85 have hearing loss.

Typically, friends and family will notice difficulty in hearing before it becomes apparent to the person with the loss. Other factors, like diabetes, poor circulation, and certain medications can make things worse.

Take our online hearing assessment now to find out if you're experiencing hearing loss.

How do I know which hearing aid to try?

Hearing Help Express offers three easy options for you to take our free hearing assessment, modeled after the "quick hearing check" developed by the Better Hearing institute, which is shown to be valid and reliable. This hearing assessment helps give you an idea of the level of hearing loss you may be experiencing and provides our hearing professionals with the information they need to recommend the right hearing aid for you.

  1. FREE online hearing assessment:
  2. Call for an assessment over the phone with a licensed professional: 1-800-221-2099
  3. We will gladly mail you a hearing assessment you can complete at home:

- or Send us your hearing test (audiogram):
mail: 1712 Sycamore Rd • DeKalb, IL 60115
text: 815-286-4005

How do you fit me with hearing aids?

The fitting process begins with a hearing assessment which you can do on your own online, submit an audiogram for one of our hearing health specialists to review or speak to one of our hearing specialists directly at 800-467-4515. Upon determining your level of hearing loss you can choose or with the help of one of our hearing health specialists we will identify the right hearing aid for you. Try the hearing aid at home for 45 days and if you're not completely satisfied we will help you find another hearing aid to try for 45 days. If we can't get a hearing aid that works best for you then the hearing aid can be sent back, within the 45 day trial periods, and we will refund your order.

How can you fit people with hearing aids with no hearing test?

Research has shown that most hearing loss is related to aging and is characterized by your diminished ability to hear sounds in the high frequency ranges. The hearing aids we sell help people with this type of hearing loss. They amplify especially those higher tones that help you distinguish words more easily. A hearing test is not required to purchase a hearing aid through the mail, by phone or online. However, a hearing test is helpful and can be sent to Hearing Help Express for specific recommendations by one of our licensed hearing aid specialists.

Can the programming of my hearing aid be personalized?

Based upon the results of your hearing assessment, conversations with our Licensed Hearing Aid Dispensers, and/or receipt of your Audiogram your hearing aids can be programmed to your specific level of hearing loss. In addition, all of our hearing aids have volume controls and 3 to 4 different listening environment settings to help you customize the hearing aid to your ideal listening comfort.

Our hearing aids are delivered to you fully programmed with a complete program range that is designed to fit your level of hearing loss.

Do behind the ear aids fit with glasses?

Yes, behind-the-ear hearing aids fit very well with glasses. We recommend putting your glasses on first, then hearing aid. It can take a moment to get used to the feeling the behind-the-ear hearing aids will work with glasses.

I have an older Hearing Help Express hearing aid. What model do you have that is most similar to mine?

If you have an old model hearing aid from Hearing Help Express, please call us at 1-866-985-1265 to see if we can replace the hearing aid for you or find a new model that would be comparable.

Can the hearing aids be fitted?

Absolutely! We offer two different options that can be customized to your individual ear. The first option we offer is for the Diplomat hearing aid series. The Diplomat hearing aids can be fitted by creating a personalized mold which changes and customizes the hearing aid. The fitting process involves sending out an impression kit which is used to outline the structure of each individual ear. After ordering your hearing aid, the impression kit will be mailed out to you. Once the impressions are received we will review them to ensure that a suitable impression was created and will create your custom fitted hearing aids. You can expect your custom fitted digital hearing aids to be mailed out to you within 2-3 weeks.

The second option is suitable for hearing aids outside of the Diplomat series and involves customizing the hearing aid tips. To create custom hearing aid tips we will send out an impression kit, create the tips and send them out within 2-3 weeks.

Purchasing Hearing Aids

How can you sell hearing aids legally?

All of Hearing Help Express's hearing aids are listed with the FDA. The FDA regulates the hearing aid industry, and Hearing Help Express’s business model exists because of the regulatory actions the FDA has taken to promote the availability and accessibility of hearing aid devices to consumers.

  • Historically, the FDA required a waiver to be signed by the consumer before he/she could purchase a hearing aid from a direct mail or online hearing aid company. In addition, Licensed Hearing Aid Dispensers are required to be on staff.
  • In December of 2016, the FDA dropped the waiver requirement allowing adults (over 18 years old) to access hearing aids without being seen by a hearing care professional. See the press announcement from the FDA here.
Hearing Help Express has always believed that hearing aids can dramatically improve the quality of life for most people with hearing loss and that is why we believe in offering affordable access to high-quality FDA-listed hearing aids so that we can help improve the health and lifestyle of as many people as possible.

You may find more information pertaining to how the FDA supports our business model on FDA's website.

Are these real FDA-listed hearing aids?

Our devices are FDA-listed, safe, and effective. Our hearing aids are designed by IntriCon, our parent company in Minneapolis, with design inputs from their own on-staff doctor and audiologists. In addition, IntriCon receives frequent design input from its customers whom are doctors and audiologists dispensing IntriCon's digital hearing aids under several different brand names.

Try it for yourself - once you order a hearing aid we will include everything you need to start using your hearing aids right away. The first 21 days are the most important as your brain is adjusting to hearing new sounds again; so, at Hearing Help Express, you get a full 45 days to try our hearing aids in the comfort of your own home while experiencing real-world listening situations (going to work, restaurants, shopping, movies, coffee shops, etc).


How do you offer the best value and quality?

An independent study, including more than 2,000 Hearing Help Express customers, became the largest and most scientific study of direct mail hearing aids in the history of the hearing industry.
Dr. Sergei Kochkin, a renown hearing healthcare industry expert surveyed the entire hearing industry, including Hearing Help Express – the oldest and largest provider of hearing aids by mail. Click here to read the survey. 
Dr. Kochkin compared consumer satisfaction, subjective benefit, and quality of life associated with traditional retail versus Hearing Help Express' hearing aid use. Dr. Kochkin’s findings concluded that Hearing Help Express direct mail customers enjoyed similar hearing improvement and service to that received by people who had visited a local professional, but paid 80% less through Hearing Help Express.
Value: Hearing Help Express customers save over 50% on their digital, high-quality hearing aids over those purchased from the retail audiologist. Also, Hearing Help Express offers 0% APR payment plan options and a 45 day risk-free trial period. From in-the-ear (ITE) ready out of the box, to fully custom behind-the-ear (BTE) models, we have the perfect solution for you.
Quality: Hearing Help Express’s devices are manufactured to the highest quality level by our parent company, Intricon. This is because Intricon manufacturers other medical devices (e.g. insulin pumps) that must adhere to the FDA's most strict Class III medical device inspection process. The electrical components within our hearing aids are made with American-made digital technology in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Service & Convenience: After 42 years of service, we've learned a thing or two about helping consumers with hearing loss. Hearing Help Express’s staff of licensed hearing aid dispensers have a combined 86 years of experience. In addition, our caring staff have an average of 18+ years of experience working with consumers with hearing loss and making the process as convenient for the consumer as possible.

How are these hearing aids so affordable?

Hearing Help Express is owned by Intricon, a Class III medical device company that designs, develops, and manufactures hearing aids. Cutting out the middleman allows us to keep quality high and prices low, saving you over 50% compared to your local hearing aid store.

Our superior products and service make the journey to better hearing affordable and more enjoyable! In an article by hearing healthcare industry expert Dr. Sergei Kochkin, PhD, he explains how customers who bought hearing aids directly from Hearing Help Express were more satisfied and felt they received a higher overall value and more benefits than those buying from a traditional retail professional. Click here to read the study.

How can Hearing Help Express support me?

We're here to support you now and at any point after your purchase. If you are unsure if you need a hearing aid our team of hearing health specialists is available to help you determine your needs. Our team is available to help you setup and get accustomed to your hearing aid and if you have any questions, at any point, we are just a phone call, video chat, or email away. Being able to easily connect and get support within a phone call further increases savings and convenience.

Contact us at at 800-467-4515

What do the hearing aids come with?

All of our hearing aids come with enough batteries to get you through the 45-day trial period, cleaning tools, a carrying case, optional eartips & tubing (if applicable) and an instruction manual.

Do you accept insurance?

We do not deal directly with insurance providers so you would need to check with your insurance company to see what, if any, hearing aid insurance you may have. If you do have hearing aid insurance and they accept Hearing Help Express, we can provide any information you may need. If you do not have hearing aid insurance, we do offer low monthly payments to work within your budget.

What discounts do you offer?

At Hearing Help Express you save thousands on the same high-quality hearing aids sold by audiologists and ENT's. Compare our hearing aids to those costing $2,300+. Subscribe to our newsletter or join our mailing list to stay updated with our special offers and promotions.

Do you have rechargable hearing aids?

At this time we do not offer rechargeable hearing aids. We do have a rechargeable hearing aid option in development that we hope to add to our product line soon. Subscribe to our newsletter or join our mailing list to stay updated with our latest product offerings, special offers and promotions.

Can I return the hearing aids if they don't work for me?

Every hearing aid order includes a risk-free 45-day home trial which starts the day you receive your hearing aid in the mail. If you are not 100% satisfied with your hearing aids, you can return them within 45 days for a full refund. Shipping and handling is non-refundable.

We encourage you to take advantage of the full 45 day trial since getting used to new hearing aids is a gradual process that takes time and patience as you learn to hear familiar sounds again.

No hablo inglés, ¿cómo obtengo información en su sitio web en español?

Desafortunadamente, no tenemos información en nuestro sitio web en español en este momento; sin embargo, si nos llama al 1-800-467-4515, un representante de habla hispana puede ayudarlo.

Do you have filters for my hearing aids?

We only carry hearing aid filters for hearing aid models sold by Hearing Help Express.

Hearing Aids Service | Adjustments | Repairs

Who will service my hearing aids?

If the hearing aid isn't defective or the one-year limited warranty has expired, you can contact us at to obtain details about sending your product in for a repair or cleaning. You can also call us at 800-467-4515 to get details about having your hearing aid repaired or cleaned.

What if my hearing aid needs programming adjustments?

You will need to discuss with one of our licensed hearing aid dispensers to determine if your hearing aids need reprogramming. There is no charge for this service during your risk-free 45-day home trial. After your trial period there is a $49.95 reprogramming fee.

What if my hearing aid needs repair?

If your hearing aid needs repair you can email us at or call us at 800-467-4515. We will try to diagnose the problem or identify a solution to have your hearing aids repaired. If your hearing aid is no longer covered by the warranty or a service plan we can service your hearing aids on a need by need basis.

How do I send in my hearing aid for repair?

If you’re having issues, please call us first at 1-800-467-4515 and we will attempt to help you and fix your issues over the phone. If that does not solve the problem we will have you mail your aid in for repair to: Hearing Help Express 1712 Sycamore Rd. DeKalb, IL 60115. Please pack your hearing aid in a sturdy box, do not mail it in an envelope. We recommend insured mail for your protection.

If you can not be without an aid during the repair time, we offer loaner hearing aids for $40.

How much does it cost to repair hearing aids?

The cost to repair a hearing aid varies depending on the model and the problem with the aid. If your hearing aids are covered under our one or two year protection plan, repairs will be covered under the policy.

Wearing Hearing Aids

Can the programming of my hearing aid be personalized?

Based upon the results of your hearing assessment, conversations with our Licensed Hearing Aid Dispensers, and/or receipt of your Audiogram your hearing aids can be programmed to your specific level of hearing loss. In addition, all of our hearing aids have volume controls and 3 to 4 different listening environment settings to help you customize the hearing aid to your ideal listening comfort.

Our hearing aids are delivered to you fully programmed with a complete program range that is designed to fit your level of hearing loss.

How do I know I'm using the right size tip/ tubing?

The tip will fit snug, but comfortably. The tube will run close to your head and allow the hearing aid to rest just behind your ear. If the aid sits high on top of your ear, then a longer tube is needed. If the aid hangs very low behind your ear, then a shorter tube is needed.

Can I send my hearing aid to you for cleaning?

We suggest you clean your hearing aids daily using the cleaning kit that was included in your purchase. Refer to your user guide for cleaning instructions for your specific hearing aid model.

What can I do if my hearing aid isn't working properly?

If your hearing aid is not working properly, call 1-800-467-4515 to speak with a hearing aid professional. They can often solve the issue by troubleshooting with you over the phone. If the problem still persists, we will have you send in your hearing aid for service.

How long do hearing aids last?

The average life of a hearing aid is 3-5 years. It is important to keep the hearing aid clean and dry for it to last the expected amount of time.

Hearing Aids Problem Solving

How do you get rid of feedback?

Feedback is usually caused by a poor fit. Sound escapes out around the eartip and is re-amplified. We offer several eartip options for most of our hearing aid models. Finding a tip that fits more snugly in the ear canal will help. Also, make sure your tubing length is correct for behind-the-ear aids for the tip to stay in place securely. In addition, many of our hearing aids have a whistle reduction setting that can reduce high frequency amplification which will also reduce feedback.

What if I have feedback from only one of my hearing aids?

The most cause of feedback is a poor fit, even it it happens with only one aid. The size or shape or your right and left ear canals could be slightly different. Try a different eartip size or tubing length for the hearing aid that is experiencing feedback to get a more snug fit in the canal.

I have stiffness / numbness in my fingers. How can I use an in the ear hearing aid?

It is more difficult to use a hearing aid and handle batteries when you experience stiffness or numbness in your fingers. Consider a hearing aid with wireless connectivity that allows you to adjust the volume and listenings settings via the HHE hearing app.

I properly cleaned my hearing aid and it is still not working. What is wrong?

The most common issues that cause a hearing aid to stop working are wax or moisture that has gotten inside the hearing aid and damaged a component. We recommend storing your device in a hearing aid dehumidifier when the hearing aids are not being used. If a dehumidifier does not solve the problem, you would need to send in the aid for one of our technicians to look inspect the hearing aid to find out what us causing the problem.

Why are my batteries not lasting?

On average, hearing aid batteries should last about 1 week. The small Yellow #10 hearing aid battiers may last 3-4 days and the large Blue #675 hearing aid batteries may last 7-12 days. It depends on how often you wear your hearing aid, how well you take care of the hearing aid and where you store your hearing aid batteries. Here are some tips to extend the life of your hearing aid batteries:
1. Leave the battery door open on your hearing aid at night
2. Clean your hearing aid every morning
3. Store your hearing aid batteries in a cool, dry place like a desk or dresser drawer
4. Once you remove the tab off your hearing aid battery, let the battery sit out for at least 1 minute before using

Your HHE Account

Can I make a payment online?

Yes! If you need to make a payment on your account, please visit

Does Hearing Help Express offer payment plans?

At Hearing Help Express, you can make monthly payments. We typically offer 4 equal monthly payments and the amount will vary with each hearing aid model. We are willing to work with you and your budget. If you would like to discuss alternate payment plan options, call 1-800-467-4515.

When did you receive my last payment?

To check your account history, please call us at 1-800-467-4515.

How much do I owe?

To check the balance on your account, please call us at 1-800-467-4515.

Is my account set up for battery club?

We will not automatically sign you up for Battery Club. With our Battery Club you get 10% off your battery orders and we automatically ship your batteries to you every 1-6 months. Must have valid credit card on file. If this is something you would like to sign up for, please call us at 1-800-467-4515.

What do I need to do if I received the wrong product?

If you believe you received a product in error, please call us at 1-800-467-4515 and we solve the issue immediately.

How do I reset my account password?

Click on “account” at the top of the webpage and click on “Forgot your password” located next to the sign in box. Enter the email address you used when you first created your online Hearing Help Express account. You will then be sent an email with password reset instructions.


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