OTC digital hearing aids

OTC digital hearing aids

For over 43 years, Hearing Help Express has provided high-quality, effective, and durable hearing aids directly to consumers. Hearing aids from Hearing Help Express offer the same high-quality, American designed hearing aid techology sold by audiologists. With the help of our parent company, Intricon, a Class III medical device manufacturer, we are able to offer OTC hearing aids at affordable prices. Our medical-grade FDA-listed hearing aid devices are designed by our team of engineers and doctors, right here in the U.S.A.

Affordable and easy to use hearing aids direct to you. Plus, a lifetime of hearing support that is accessible, convenient and effective.


Innovative app-powered complete hearing solution

The JVC EH-Z1500 hearing aids, powered by TUNED self-fitting technology, provide exceptional hearing performance and an abundance of support.

Engaging and insighful coaching to help you confidently navigate and maximize the benefits of your hearing rehabilitation journey.

The TUNED app walks you through your personal hearing assessment in just minutes, then automatically programs your JVC EH-Z1500 hearing aids to your unique needs.

Advanced chat interface plus live remote support.

Apollo-6670 advanced digital hearing aid

Advanced digital technology

The Apollo®-6670 and Ranger®-6670 are our most advanced behind-the-ear hearing aid models that do not require the use of an app or smartphone.

Directional microphones prioritize the sounds in front of you,
not the noise around you

Superior sound clarity

Apollo model is available in bronze and metallic black


Discreet slim-tube design
make it nearly invisible and provides extra comfort.


Equipped with an earhook and larger tubing allow for more amplification.

Apollo-6205 budget-friendly hearing aid


The Apollo®-6205 and Ranger®-6205 hearing aids are designed with digital technology to help you hear and understand.

Slips discreetly behind the ear for all day comfort

10 volume levels
and multiple listening settings

Available in beige


Slim-tube design
slips easily behind the ear and can comfortable be worn with glasses.


The earhook and larger tubing provide a bit more amplification for those who need it.

Ready-to-wear in-the-ear hearing aid

In-the-Ear hearing aid

Small in-the-ear design makes the EarMate-4330 a great option for those with a busy lifestyle. This ready-to-wear hearing aid includes ACOUS-TAP technology that allows you to switch between multiple listening settings with a simple tap over your ear.

Fingertip volume cotrol

Multiple listening settings

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