Ranger®-6205 | OTC hearing aid

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Mild to moderate hearing loss


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For those that need a little more power, the Ranger®-6205 may be your best choice. This standard-fit behind-the-ear hearing aid is with an earhook and larger tube, allowing for more amplification.


The Ranger®-6205 features a directional microphone to help you hear the conversation, not the noise around you. Includes 3 listening settings and 10 volume levels so you can customize your hearing experience.


The Ranger®-6205 OTC hearing aid uses a size 312 zinc-air hearing aid battery.

Directional Microphone

Noise reduction technology

Feedback Management

Multiple Listening Settings

10 Volume Levels

FDA listed - Medical grade

The Ranger®-6205 OTC hearing aids are designed to slip discreetly behind the ear.

Try the Ranger®-6205 to improve your hearing in a wide range of listening situations encountered in everyday life.

Try the Ranger®-6205 OTC hearing aids completely risk-free for 45 days in your own home. You decide if they're right for you.

What's included:

  • Ranger®-6205 OTC hearing aid(s)
  • Extra tubes and BTE domes for a comfortable fit
  • Size 312 zinc-air hearing aid batteries for weeks of charge
  • A hearing aid storage case
  • Tools for hearing aid maintenance
  • User Guide

Is the Ranger®-6205 OTC hearing aid right for me?

The Ranger®-6205 is an air-conduction hearing aid intended to compensate for impaired hearing for individuals who are 18 years and older with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss. This device is intended for use without the assistance of a hearing care professional.  

Someone exhibiting mild-to-moderate hearing loss will notice that they are able to engage in conversations but can't clearly understand speech. Common symptoms of mild to moderate hearing loss:

  • Women and children are sometimes hard to understand.
  • You often ask people to repeat themselves.
  • Words seem loud enough, just not clear enough.
  • You can hear in a quiet environment, but not in noise.
  • One-on-one conversations are fine, but it's hard to catch every word when there's background noise.

If you are unsure of the level of hearing loss that you're experiencing we are here to help. To identify the level of hearing loss you can take the online hearing loss assessment or contact our Hearing Support Team.

If you would like to learn more about the product features and how to set up this hearing aid, view the owners manual here.

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