Hearing Aid Battery Care Kit


<p>Our Battery Care Kit includes everything you need for worry-free hearing aid battery use:</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;<strong>Digital Keychain Battery Tester</strong>&nbsp;&ndash; Small enough to go with you anywhere. Takes the guesswork out of battery testing.</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;<strong>Battery Caddie</strong>&nbsp;&ndash; Convenient way to carry extra batteries. Holds two hearing aid batteries and comes with a convenient chain to attach to a key ring.</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;<strong>Magnet Stick&nbsp;</strong>&ndash; Hearing aid batteries are small and hard to handle. With the Magnet Stick you can easily insert and remove batteries.</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;<strong>Handy Vinyl Bag</strong>&nbsp;&ndash; Help you keep everything together for easy access.</p>