Specialty ITE Hearing Aid Maintenance Kit


One of the benefits of in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids is their simplicity. Less parts means less maintenance. Even still, any hearing aid will eventually accumulate moisture and dirt, and you'll need to keep them clean for optimal performance. The right tools make daily maintenance a breeze. This specialty maintenance kit includes premium tools at a great price. The main brush is large and is easy to use comfortably. The handy magnet helps you to pick up batteries, and the smaller brush helps you to clean out the areas that are harder to reach.  

Using the correct tools makes proper hearing aid maintenance easy! We recommend pairing this ITE specialty cleaning kit with a hearing aid dryer to make cleaning even easier. Dry out your hearing aids overnight, and earwax and dirt brush off instead of sticking or smearing.

To extend the life of your ITE hearing aids and keep them working at their peak, start a new maintenance routine with the specialty ITE cleaning kit.