OTC digital hearing aids

For over 43 years, Hearing Help Express has provided high-quality, effective, and durable hearing aids directly to consumers. Hearing aids from Hearing Help Express offer the same high-quality, U.S.-made hearing aid techology sold by audiologists. With the help of our parent company, IntriCon, we are able to offer Class III medical devices and hearing aids at a fraction of the price. Our medical-grade FDA-listed hearing aid devices are designed our team of engineers and doctors, right here in the U.S.A.


Affordable and easy to use hearing aids direct to you. Plus, a lifetime of hearing support that is accessible, convenient and effective.

EarMate®-4330 | OTC Hearing Aid

Small in-the-ear design with
micro-handle for easy inserting or removing

Adjustable volume control

Multiple listening settings

Feedback management and
noise reduction technology
deliver crisp, clear sound

Apollo®-6205 | OTC Hearing Aid

Slips discreetly behind the ear
for all day comfort

10 volume levels

Multiple listening settings

Directional microphone, feedback management, noise reduction technologies packed into an easy-to-maintain hearing aid

Ranger®-6205 | OTC Hearing Aid

Behind-the-ear hearing aid with earhook and larger tubing allows for more amplification

10 volume levels
and multiple listening settings

Includes a directional microphone, feedback management, and noise reduction technologies to improve your hearing in a wide range of listening situations encountered in everyday life

Improved hearing made easy with FDA listed, medical-grade digital hearing aid technology.

No app required. Easy volume and listening setting adjustments. Durable for everyday wear.