Over-the-Counter (OTC) digital hearing aids

For over 43 years, Hearing Help Express has provided high-quality, effective, and durable hearing aids directly to consumers. Hearing aids from Hearing Help Express offer the same high-quality, U.S.-designed hearing aid techology sold by audiologists. Working with our parent company, a U.S. medical device manufacturer, allows us to offer you affordable, medical-grade FDA-listed hearing aids devices for a fraction of the cost.

Affordable and easy to use hearing aids direct to you. Plus, a lifetime of hearing support that is accessible, convenient and effective.

Improved hearing made easy.

No app required. Easy volume and listening setting adjustments. Durable for everyday wear.

OTC Hearing Aid

In-the-ear design with a micro-handle for easy inserting or removing

Adjustable volume control

Multiple listening settings

Feedback management and
noise reduction technology
deliver crisp, clear sound

OTC Hearing Aid

Slips discreetly behind the ear
for all day comfort

10 volume levels

Multiple listening settings

Directional microphone, feedback management, noise reduction technologies packed into an easy-to-maintain hearing aid

OTC Hearing Aid

Behind-the-ear hearing aid with earhook and larger tubing allows for more amplification

10 volume levels
and multiple listening settings

Includes a directional microphone, feedback management, and noise reduction technologies to improve your hearing in a wide range of listening situations encountered in everyday life

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