Supporting a loved one who is experiencing hearing loss can be challenging, especially when you understand the potential dangers of going on with hearing loss. Find out about ways to help a loved one understand the benefits and value of addressing their hearing loss.

1. Difficulty hearing in noisy environments & avoiding social situations

2. Trouble understanding speech, perception that others are mumbling & asking people to repeat themselves.

3. Listening to television or radio at a high volume

4. Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears

8 out of 10 people say having hearing aids improved the quality of their lives.

Don't let your loved ones go on in silence. Hearing loss not only impacts their daily interactions but can impose dangers. Hearing loss can not only impact social interactions, work performance, and cognitive health but also the safety of your loved ones. In a moment of danger, your loved one may go on without hearing an alarm or may be unable to realize that attention is needed. Individuals with hearing loss may not be able to hear a doorbell, telephone or a fire alarm posing them to great risks.

Hearing aids can dramatically improve the quality of their lives. At Hearing Help Express improving hearing loss can be done for an affordable price.

someone that is experiencing hearing loss may exhibit the following behaviors:

- apparent difficulty understanding words and engaging in a conversation effortlessly

- asking others to repeat themselves, clarify, speak more clearly and or louder

- listening to the tv at a loud volume

- may avoid social situations

- may appear or become disengaged in conversations

how you can help someone with hearing loss

Helping someone that is experiencing hearing loss can be challenging, but being patient and working with them can help them through the process. Most importantly being their advocate to educate themselves and find solution that is affordable and effective can be life changing. You can begin the conversation by practicing the following approaches:

- talk to your loved one about their hearing loss

- reaffirm that they have nothing to lose by getting checked, speaking to a professional, or trying out a hearing aid

- work with them to find a solution that works for them

- help them take the online hearing assessment

Hearing Help Express offers a large variety of inexpensive FDA-listed hearing aids and accessories which ensures that we have a solution for just about anyone. Our approach to bringing hearing aids directly to you reduces costs by cutting out the middleman and focusing on selling high-quality digital hearing aids. Sit with your loved one to take the online hearing assessment, find hearing aid recommendations, order the hearing aid and try it at home for 45-days. If he or she isn't satisfied with the hearing aid send it back and we will refund your order. It's that simple to help your loved one regain their hearing and confidence!

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