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At Hearing Help Express, we believe people have the right to high-quality hearing help regardless of income, budget or proximity to traditional retail offices. Since 1979 we have been providing FDA registered hearing aids by mail, online, and through our Illinois based call center to over 750,000 customers.

Our parent company, IntriCon (IIN), a Class III medical device company based out of Minnesota, designs, develops, and manufacturers state-of-the-art hearing aids for ENT’s and audiologists. This allows us to keep quality high and prices low to pass the savings onto our customers!

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Unbeatable value

By selling directly to you, we can offer 100% digital hearing aids at surprisingly affordable prices.

World-class technology

Get the same FDA-approved devices we sell to audiologists without paying their overhead.

Proven results

750,000 satisfied customers can't be wrong. We've been improving hearing health since 1979.

Our customers say

We have nearly forty years of experience in the direct mail hearing aid industry. In fact, we pioneered it!

William Weiman

Lebanon, PA

Easy volume control. Affordable price. I have been wearing your aids for about 15 years. Happy to be able to communicate. Thanks again for great service.

Ronnie Broome

Montgomery, AL

The fit is good and the volume control is easy. I work in a hospital where there is a lot of whispering. I don't have to smile and shake my head anymore - I can hear!

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