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  • Our hearing aids are manufactured to the highest quality level by our parent company, IntriCon, a Class III medical device manufacturer. They must adhere to the FDA's most strict Class III inspection process and, for operational efficiencies, our hearing aids also adhere to this strict inspection process.

  • The electrical components within our hearing aids are made with American-made digital technology in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  • Our FDA-listed hearing aids are the same high-quality products you can receive from a retail Audiologist or ENT.


  • After 42 years of service, we've learned a thing or two about helping consumers with hearing loss. Over 750,000 customers have trusted us with their hearing healthcare solutions.

  • Lifetime of free support and expert care by our team of licensed hearing aid professionals.

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  • No annoying appointment setting, out of home visits, or waiting rooms

  • HHE's licensed professionals can make changes to hearing aids remotely and interact with customers via video conference, chat, email or phone.

  • Our knowledgeable staff of licensed hearing aid dispensers have a combined 109 years of experience helping customers with their hearing.

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