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Digital hearing aids that are consistent, reliable and are completely changing consumers expectations. We made it easy for you to experience our products with a 45 day trial.

The Hearing Help Express way

Cutting out the middleman allows us to offer our customers the highest quality hearing aids and accessories at the most affordable price. Everything hearing loss related is here for you, when you need it, including around the clock support. All of the quality and all of the functionality minus the premium cost.

Advanced hearing aid technology

advanced technology

Our team of engineers, doctors and audiologists are challenging industry standards with advanced, affordable high-quality hearing aids.  

Proven, Effective Cheap Hearing Aids

proven products

Through our commitment to our 750,000+ satisfied customers and continuous R&D we are always improving our quality standards.

Advanced Affordable Digital Hearing Aids

fair price

By manufacturing our products we can produce powerful hearing aids that are made to last without added costs.

Comfortable hearing aids tailored to every hearing aid loss dimension. All devices are designed with enhanced noise reduction so that you can focus on what matters most.

a trusted choice

"I have tried a number of hearing aids including the $5000 ones and this one is the best I have ever used. It is clear from the moment it is put on, so light one forgets it’s there." M.E. (2015)

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support all along the way

45 day money-back guarantee

if you're not completely satisfied we will refund your order.

1-year manufacturer's warranty

we ensure that each hearing aid is functioning properly

unlimited professional support

our team of hearing health specialists are always available for you.