Compare Hearing Aid Series

Start by considering the shape and style. Do you prefer to have the entire hearing aid inside your ear, or do you prefer a more powerful device resting behind your ear? Some customers prefer the slim tubing of the Apollo series. Others like the compact Earmate series for its ease of use. Which style is right for you? 



Number of models

In-the-ear (ITE)

Behind-the-ear (BTE)


Starting price


starting at $399 each


starting at $299 each


starting at $499 each


starting at $799 each


starting at $799 each

4330 digital hearing aid

EarMate Series (3 Models)

Our most popular, ready-to-wear hearing aids are discreet and difficult to see. And, you'll love how they sound. The EarMate Series is designed to address mild to moderate hearing loss.

Apollo 6200 digital hearing aid

Apollo Series (4 Models)

Discreet, slim tubing and a range of prices and features make the Apollo Series a remarkable value. The Apollo series is designed to address mild to moderate hearing loss.


Ranger Series (4 Models)

If you need more power, the Ranger Series has a model for you, plus some surprising features. The Ranger Series is designed to address moderate to profound hearing loss.

8700 digital hearing aid

Felix Series (Custom)

The options are nearly endless. If you thought you couldn't afford a custom-tuned hearing aid for mild to moderate loss, think again! The Felix is programmed just for you!

3510 digital hearing aid

Diplomat Series (3 Models)

Custom-fit to your ear and your sound requirements, the Diplomat Series covers your exact needs. The Diplomat Series is designed to address mild to moderate hearing loss.

All Hearing Help Express digital hearing aids come with our risk-free, 45-day, in-home trial. We believe that the best way for you to decide on the right device is to hear them for yourself.